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Russian Buyers Looking to Spanish Real Estate Market

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While Spain’s residential real estate market has struggled immensely in the past year, it is receiving an unexpected boost from international investors. The number of buyers from Russia has significantly increased in recent months, and has actually doubled since last year.

Russians are investing in Spanish properties in droves, as they are attracted to the marvelous scenery, and the incredible deals to be had on residential properties. An increase in the number of direct flights from Moscow to Spain has also played a major role in the rise of Russian real estate investors in the country.

Affordability and the acquisition of a European visa also make Spain an ideal choice for many international investors. By purchasing property in Spain, Russians and other international investors are far more likely to receive a visa that will facilitate any and all travel throughout Europe.

Another factor playing a major role in the increase of international investors in Spain is the presence of high-end golf courses. Prime properties, such as those on golf courses, have performed well throughout the residential real estate market downturn, and continue to do well in today’s market.

Analysts believe that international investors may give the Spanish real estate market a boost, much like they have done in other real estate markets around the world. The real estate market in Spain has faced incredible difficulties over the past year, particularly in coastal areas. International investors are likely to improve sales in coastal areas as they look to buy vacation properties outside of their native country.

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