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Singapore Housing Market Benefits from Good Economy

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The residential real estate market in Singapore looks to continue its strong performance thanks largely due in part to a healthy economy and low interest rates. The nation experienced a record number of homes sold last year, with three thousand more homes sold in comparison to the previous year.


The massive improvement has been attributed to both a growth in inventory, and in overall population growth. Singapore’s economy has performed well, which has certainly impacted the success of the residential real estate market. International investors have taken particular interest in Singapore’s housing market, primarily due to the fact that the economy is healthy, and real estate in the small country is considered a safe investment. Domestic investors and homebuyers are also actively looking to buy, especially with low interest rates boosting the affordability of the market.


Unlike other nations in the region, Singapore’s government continues to promote the growth of its residential real estate market. Singapore has not been phased by the global threat of a debt crisis. In fact, the nation has benefitted from international investors looking to bring their money into their market.


The growth experienced in Singapore’s residential real estate market will likely continue throughout the next year, and into the foreseeable future. With a healthy economy, and a government that supports housing market growth, residential real estate in Singapore looks to continue to be a sound investment. There has been no talk of any potential real estate bubble, and in general, analysts and economists are both very optimistic about the market’s potential for further growth.

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