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Student Housing Shortage Worse Than Ever in Sweden

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The lack of student housing is causing great concern among Swedish universities. As the universities are setting records in terms of enrollment, there is not enough housing to provide the students with a place to live. A housing shortage is not exactly a new thing to Swedish universities, as they have faced similar situations in previous years. However, with two hundred and seventy thousands enrolled in universities this year, the shortage has grown ten-fold.

One of the most prestigious universities in Sweden, Lund University, has thirty-five thousand students, but only eight thousand five hundred rooms. This shortage has created a situation where students have had to place themselves in a queue many months in advance just to secure a place to live during the school year.

In order to rectify the situation, housing organizations at the universities are recommending students live further away from campus in adjacent towns. While students would then have to commute each day, it would provide for more places in which students can live.

While organizations within the universities are available to help students with housing needs, even they are recommending that students take on the process of finding a place to live themselves. These organizations have become inundated with work, and simply cannot handle the requests of thousands of students.

This shortage in housing is likely a result of the baby boom that happened in the 1990s in Sweden. Many of those born during that time are reaching college age, creating an influx of new students.

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