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Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.2 Released This Morning Including Full Patch Notes

Diablo 3 Patch 1.0.2 was officially released this morning unleashing the latest changes to this blockbuster PC game. Blizzard also released the full patch notes for Patch 1.0.2. You can find a summary of the notes below as well as visiting the entire patch 1.0.2 notes by clicking here.  Patch 1.0.3 will be the first “game balancer” patch released and that should be coming soon.

Only one class change was made in this patch and that was only for the Monk class.  This change is related to the Tranquility rune in the Serenity skill.  They have changed the time of the duration of immunity granted to nearby allies reduced from 2 seconds to just 1 second.

Other fixes mainly include several general bug fixes.  Many players were receiving an Error 14009 when logging in and now players should no longer receive that error.  Under the “select a hero” menu, it will now display the difficulty level for each of the characters.  Speed enhancements have been made to the streaming downloader.  All of the players in a party receive “Till Death Do Us Part” achievement even if they don’t have Haedrig Eamon as their active follower.

A change to Act IV for Witch Doctors was made.  Players will no longer receive an error if they kill a Shadow Clone with a DOT skill after it’s launched a firebomb before it reaches it’s target.

Several changes for the Diablo 3 Auction House were made in Patch 1.0.2.  Players will now receive an error if they try to purchase an item after the 50 item limit has been reached in the Completed tab.  The “Physical Damage” preferred stats option for rings was renamed to “Bonus Minimum Physical Damage”.  Players will now receive a warning if they try to place a new bid over a previous bid on the same auction.  You can now also sell items that you have purchased from vendors and equipped in-game within the Auction House.  Issues that were occurring when listing items on the Auction House from a different character than the one currently selected has been fixed.

A random fix for Battle.net includes the public chat list is sorted alphabetically.

One skill change was made for the Witch Doctor character.  Spirit Vessel (passive) can no longer clear debuffs when using waypoints or chaging equipment.

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Diablo 3 Game Design Update and Patch 1.03 Notes Released by Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI)

Diablo 3, released almost 2 weeks ago by Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) has already set new records for PC game sales being dubbed as the fastest game seller ever.  Interesting enough, Blizzard Entertainment released some very interesting in-game stats on a Battle.net post yesterday as well game design updates.  If you have never played Diablo 3 or any of it’s predecessors, these may not make a lot of sense to you.

According to Blizzard:

  • Since Diablo 3′s release the average player has created 3 players each.
  • 80% of the characters are now between levels 1 and 30
  • 1.9% of the characters have unlocked Inferno difficulty
  • 54% of Hardcore players chose a female character
  • Majority of Hardcore deaths (35%) occur in Act 1 Normal
  • The Most common level 60 build in the game is only used by 0.7% of level 60 characters of that class
  • The most used runes for each class at level 60 are Barbarian:  Best Served Cold, Demon Hunter:  Lingering Fog, Wizard:  Mirror Skin, Monk: Peaceful Repose, Witch Doctor:  Numbing Dart

Blizzard also commented on game design updates such as hotfixes and patches, especially patch 1.03.  Blizzard noted that hotfixes will only be used for critical design issues while client patches will be used for non-critical issues.   The basic summary is patch version 1.02, which should be coming out next week sometime, has been in development since the game’s launch.  The main focus of patch 1.02 is to address service issues.  Patch 1.03 will be the first patch to address game balance issues.  As game issues arise that immediately need to get fixed a hotfix will be issued.  Most issues however will be handled through the client patches.

Patch 1.03 will also address the issues that are arising in Inferno.  Inferno is the highest difficulty rating in the game and some classes are having an easier time than others.  That will be addressed to ensure all classes are viable in Inferno.

Other areas that will be included in the 1.03 patch are the Blacksmith leveling and crafting costs.  Adjustments to the Blacksmith costs for training (gold and pages) and crafting from levels 1-59, and reduce the cost of combining gems.  The big kicker here is it will now only require 2 gems instead of 3 (at least until Flawless Square).

You can view the entire Battle.net post here.

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Diablo 3 Patch Coming This Week Says Blizzard

If you an avid gamer you have probably heard of the game Diablo 3 (or otherwise known as Diablo III).  Just released a few weeks ago, some are already calling it the best selling game ever.  However, with such popularity also comes lots of issues.  Upon release, some users had issues logging into Battle.net to play Diablo 3.  Battle.net is the game server environment created by Blizzard to run their popular games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, and now Diablo 3.  According to Blizzard themselves, a patch will be released this week that should address issues such as latency on the client end and also other bug fixes within the game.

Since the game’s launch, Blizzard has already applied a number of hotfixes that address gameplay issues as well as making tweaks to improve service stability.  Service stability was the biggest concern.  On launch day, users noted many issues with servers going down randomly.  Some users never seemed to have any issues with it but obviously a large portion of Blizzard’s customers did.  If you browse through the support forum on Blizzard’s Battle.net website you’ll see many threads expressing concern over not being able to log in and play the game.

On May 15th, Diablo 3 was launched setting a new record for PC games sold within 24 hours with over 3.5 million copies.  Within a week the total had grown to over 6.3 million copies.  Diablo III is the third installment to their very popular Diablo franchise.  It’s a dark fantasy/horror themes RPG (role playing game).  It just like World of Warcraft and Starcraft games released by Blizzard has become extremely popular due to it’s multi-player option that allows people from all over the world to play together.  Battle.net is Blizzard’s online network community they provide to allow players to play their games such as Diablo 3 online.

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