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Diablo 3 Game Design Update and Patch 1.03 Notes Released by Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI)

Diablo 3, released almost 2 weeks ago by Blizzard (NASDAQ:ATVI) has already set new records for PC game sales being dubbed as the fastest game seller ever.  Interesting enough, Blizzard Entertainment released some very interesting in-game stats on a Battle.net post yesterday as well game design updates.  If you have never played Diablo 3 or any of it’s predecessors, these may not make a lot of sense to you.

According to Blizzard:

  • Since Diablo 3′s release the average player has created 3 players each.
  • 80% of the characters are now between levels 1 and 30
  • 1.9% of the characters have unlocked Inferno difficulty
  • 54% of Hardcore players chose a female character
  • Majority of Hardcore deaths (35%) occur in Act 1 Normal
  • The Most common level 60 build in the game is only used by 0.7% of level 60 characters of that class
  • The most used runes for each class at level 60 are Barbarian:  Best Served Cold, Demon Hunter:  Lingering Fog, Wizard:  Mirror Skin, Monk: Peaceful Repose, Witch Doctor:  Numbing Dart

Blizzard also commented on game design updates such as hotfixes and patches, especially patch 1.03.  Blizzard noted that hotfixes will only be used for critical design issues while client patches will be used for non-critical issues.   The basic summary is patch version 1.02, which should be coming out next week sometime, has been in development since the game’s launch.  The main focus of patch 1.02 is to address service issues.  Patch 1.03 will be the first patch to address game balance issues.  As game issues arise that immediately need to get fixed a hotfix will be issued.  Most issues however will be handled through the client patches.

Patch 1.03 will also address the issues that are arising in Inferno.  Inferno is the highest difficulty rating in the game and some classes are having an easier time than others.  That will be addressed to ensure all classes are viable in Inferno.

Other areas that will be included in the 1.03 patch are the Blacksmith leveling and crafting costs.  Adjustments to the Blacksmith costs for training (gold and pages) and crafting from levels 1-59, and reduce the cost of combining gems.  The big kicker here is it will now only require 2 gems instead of 3 (at least until Flawless Square).

You can view the entire Battle.net post here.

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