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Google Glasses Prototype Video and Photos Officially Released

Last week Google officially released a short video of what their prototype model of their new product Google Glasses can do.  Along with the video, they also  released pictures taken with the new Google Glass product, otherwise known as Project Glass.  The video and pictures can be seen here.

If you haven’t heard of the latest Google invention, it’s basically a set of glasses that can take photos, video, and also connect to the web.  It’s the newest product to Google’s growing list and a could actually reinvent sunglasses in a way we have never seen it taken before.  Imagine being able to take photos, video, and even connect to the web while jogging, throwing a football in the backyard, or even taking a stroll around the city.

Project Glass tech lead Max Braun recently added in a blog post on Google +:

When our team started using Project Glass test devices at home, we saw a different kind of family photo. These are the precious moments you want to savor and capture at the same time.

The 15 second video boasts 720p resolution and shows basically what a person would see while doing back flips on a trampoline.  In addition to the video people can browse numerous photos taken by the beta testing team at Google.  Last month, a 2.5 minute promo video was released on YouTube by the Project Glass team taking viewers on a potential user’s daily routine including:  making breakfast, video chatting with girlfriend, and traveling around New York. The opportunities for Google Glasses are very intriguing and we await more videos and photos to see what else the product’s capabilities can produce.


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