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Central Park Plaza Office Campus Successfully Sold

Central Park Plaza Office Campus Successfully Sold

Harvest properties is known as the world’s best real estate investment and development firm which has invested a huge amount in this business making it more stable and growing than ever. The company has now invested in the Central Park Plaza and purchased it successfully to increase its sale value which was considering lower as compared to its original price. However the sum is still disclosed to the world of real estate as suggested by the company “BlackRock, Inc” who has a real estate partnership with the “Stockbridge Real Estate of San Francisco”.

Two-story multi tenant (total 6), 300,954 square feet area which is rentable and the building size range from 43,082 to 56,714 sq. ft are considered as the main features of The Central Park Plaza. The building is situated in a famous and well-known area of north San Jose submarket which is also known as Silicon Valley. The foundation of Central Park Plaza was laid in 1985 and it had undergone with several major renovations till 1996. Some further improvements were made in 2008 as it was decided to sale this property to a well-reputed firm.

The previous owner of the Mall took $2.5 millions in terms of upgrading from different real estate firms and government. Harvest properties is serving the plaza since 2006 and has been investing a huge amount in its development from so many years. The main realtors of harvest properties are “Mr. Jeff Arrillaga and Jason Forcier” who are also associated with “Cornish and Carey”.


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