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Android and iPhone Possibly Getting New Smartphone Competition

When it comes to the smartphone arena you think of Android, iPhone, or Blackberry.  However, social network giant Facebook, which recently has just come off a mixed result IPO, may actually be jumping into the smartphone arena soon.  According to a recent report in the New York Times, unnamed sources and even potential Facebook recruits were told that the company will soon be coming out with their own smartphone.

Facebook, which was a privately held company for many years recently opened up it’s stock to the public launching a huge IPO on May 18th 2012.  It had a bag of mixed results, with most analysts calling the stock underachieved.  Most analysts will agree that Facebook should have launched an IPO much sooner, bringing it’s social network popularity with them to the table.  That brings us back to new growth arenas for Facebook which might be under more stress now then ever before to jump into new sectors to continue building the company.

Android like the Apple iPhone, have been flourishing in the smartphone business raking in customers and profits.  Samsung, one of the leaders in Android powered smartphones, recently released news of their latest phone with a larger screen.  Apple has been rumored recently to be working with Asian manufacturers to design a 4 inch screen for their soon to be released  iPhone 5.   Speaking of Apple, according to the New York Times, Facebook has been hiring or at least tried to hire experts who had worked on the iPhone previously.

Rumors that Facebook has been working on a smartphone have been circulating since 2010 when Techcrunch reported they were privately planning and designing a smartphone in the future.  Facebook, when asked about these rumors, responded with

Our mobile strategy is simple:  we think every mobile device is better if it is deeply social.

So with the debut of the latest iPhone rumored to be occurring later this year, and with Samsung and HTC releasing powerful Android powered smartphones, is there room for yet another smartphone?  Considering smartphones are a multi-billion dollar industry in the US, there is plenty of room for more iPhone and Android competition.


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