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The State of Housing in Developing Countries

The State of Housing in Developing Countries
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Aside food, shelter is one basic need human beings cannot do without. No matter how basic it might be, housing plays an important role in the life of the individual. Compared to developed nations, the state of real estate infrastructure in developing countries is not in the best of shapes.

Though there are very nice housing units, majority of people in developing countries live in structures that could not be described as homes. Most of these lack basic toilet and bathroom facilities and so occupants have to use public toilets and bath at public bathrooms. For those that lack kitchens, occupants have to prepare their meals in their bedrooms or living rooms or outside on the compound.

Most of the houses that have these basic facilities also have to share them with all other members of the compound. Some people in developing countries also live in wooden and metal kiosks. These are portable and so can be moved to a different location if the owner of the land requires it.

The rents paid for such places is however very high, with the landlords taking advantage of the tenants all the time. They demand rent in two or three years advance and can increase the rent anytime. There is also no law protecting the tenants and so they can be ejected from their homes any moment the landlord wishes.

The landlords also give the tenants a lot of trouble, especially when they live in the same compound as them.

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