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Ultra-Luxury London Housing Market Expected to Hit New Highs

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London’s housing market for the super wealthy is expected to experience continued unprecedented growth at least until 2016 according to the most recent reports. Data indicates that the ultra-luxury housing market will see prices rise to more than ten thousand pounds per square foot in the next four to five years.

One Hyde Park in London has been known to be one of the world’s most elite housing markets, and is similar to the super-wealthy housing markets in New York, Monaco, and Hong Kong. Prices for such properties generally aren’t released to the public, though a recent research study has finally shed light on the market.

The anticipated increase in pricing is indicative of the current state of the housing market worldwide. The average housing prices and sales around the world have either faced declines or relative stagnation. On the other hand, the wealthiest housing markets continue to experience strong, if not unprecedented growth.

Prices on the ultra-luxury homes in London continue to grow in demand due to the lack of overall space for similar neighborhoods to be developed. As such, the number of properties fitting the label of ultra-luxury is extremely limited. The exclusivity of these properties has created a serious demand, fueling the strong price increases.

As wealth continues to be generated among the world’s richest sector, it is unlikely that prices in the ultra-luxury markets in London and across the globe will face a downturn any time in the near future. With incredible amenities and overall beauty, the residences at One Hyde Park are absolutely stunning, and it is understandable as to why they command the prices that they do.

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