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Various Cities in the United States Primed for Rebound

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Although much of the talk surrounding the United States housing market has focused on the limited expectations for a nationwide recovery in 2012, there are some cities that will likely experience a strong rebound in the next year.

The cities that are expected to see strong improvements are not focused in just one area of the country. Instead, they are scattered throughout in different states. They include San Jose, Oklahoma City, Boston, Raleigh, Pittsburgh, and Houston. With multiple cities listed on the top ten list compiled by a real estate research firm, Texas is expected to be the top performing state in terms of the residential real estate market.

One of the major factors contributing to the potential for a significant residential real estate recovery includes the performance of the economy and job market in each respective city. Each city looks to have a fairly strong job market in the coming year. For example, the city of San Jose is expected to see employment jump by as much as three percent.

While the job market is expected to improve throughout the country, the cities with the greatest anticipated growth are those that are adding new jobs, as opposed to rehiring people for jobs that were recently cut. In each of the ten cities, new home construction is expected to surge, which is excellent news for local developers.

Analysts hope that these ten cities will cause a domino effect throughout the United States, and that come 2013, the nation will be in the middle of a new real estate boom.

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