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Walmart Names New Real Estate Executive

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Walmart Realty replaced Eric Zorn as EVP and President after his retirement of a 20 year career on July 18, 2011. During his time at Walmart Realty, Zorn oversaw a retail expansion program that was completely novel in the industry. Zorn led Walmart Realty as “the largest real estate company in the world with a portfolio close to 1 billion sq. feet.” Zorn was responsible for the opening of over 3,000 stores and clubs, which resulted in the creation of thousands of jobs in countless communities across the country. He has exceeded expectations and faithfully continued the mission of Walmart Realty to allow people to live better by saving them money. Karen Roberts, formerly SVP and chief compliance officer for Walmart Realty are filling the position. Karen originally started in the company fifteen years ago as a realty manager and continued on to several different positions including vice president and general counsel for real estate and construction.

Due to the retirement of Eric Zorn, Tom Mars, who is the EVP and chief administrative officer, has acquired the responsibility of overseeing of real estate, and Roberts will now report to Mars because of this. Roberts and Mars will be working closely to minimize the impact of the retirement of Zorn on the company. It is desired that this transition of leadership will not affect the success of our company.

Phyllis Harris will be replacing the newly emptied position of Roberts. The SVP and chief compliance officer position was assigned to Harris. Harris originally came to Walmart Realty in 2006 from the U.S Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. where she was the deputy assistant administrator and directed the national enforcement and compliance programs for the agency. She is being transferred from her former job as Vice President for environmental health and safety compliance.

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