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World’s Elite Look to Miami, Vancouver and London to Buy Property

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The world’s wealthiest investors continue to look for save haven markets as the residential real estate market remains in turmoil worldwide. With prices falling in previously popular markets such as Singapore, Sydney, and Shanghai, many investors are now moving their money to residential property markets in Miami, London, and Vancouver.


With the overall wealth shifting, many expect that the majority of wealthy investors will come from China, Russia, the Middle East, and Latin America. These investors consider security and safety as their primary consideration when buying a residential real estate property. That is one of the key reasons as to why Miami, Vancouver, and London are considered some of the preferred choices by that group. The city with the most growth, however, is considered to be Nairobi.


Aside from personal security and safety, the elite wealthy investors also seek social stability, quality education systems, and easy access to other major cities and healthcare.


With those factors in mind, the majority of wealthy buyers consider the United States to be the optimal market. As the dollar has depreciated in value, money from overseas investors is able to go further, making real estate investment a logical choice.


Other cities that were considered to be top choices among the wealthiest international investors include Bali and Jakarta. The Kenyan coast is also considered to be an ideal area for real estate investment. The cities that have demonstrated the biggest drop in interest from wealthy investors include Mumbai, Monaco, Mallorca and the Dordogne, and lastly, Sydney.

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