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Zillow Subscriptions Exceed Expectations

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The real estate website Zillow Inc. has had a banner year thus far in 2011. The website has already topped all expectations regarding the number of subscriptions it would sell throughout the year.

Analysts expected subscription sales to double this year in comparison to 2010 to roughly sixty-two million dollars. The real estate website has already reached sales of roughly sixty-four million dollars, and will likely see that number rise even further. Last year, Zillow had approximately thirty million dollars in sales.

In addition to subscription sales, Zillow has also sold more than seven million dollars in display ads on its website. That sales figure is more than fifty percent higher than what it was last year. Revenue generated from other sales increased nearly twelve million dollars, which is triple the amount generated from the same sources one year earlier.

Since going public in July, Zillow’s stock has experienced some strong increases this year. With the most recent sales report, the stock jumped eleven percent to over thirty dollars. It has increased roughly thirty-seven percent since July, far exceeding the results experienced by the rest of the market.

The company’s revenue has continuously beaten the expectations of analysts, and will likely do so for the rest of the year. Analysts have been rather cautious with their estimates of the real estate website, as the overall real estate market has struggled throughout the nation. However, many real estate agents have been opting for Zillow’s services with hopes of improving their sales results.

With the residential real estate market expected to continue its struggles into 2012, there is no clear indication as to whether Zillow will continue to experience the same increases that it has thus far in 2011.


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